Tasteando Restaurantes: Tommy Mel’s (English Version)

The new restaurant tasted in the blog is Tommy Mel’s, a 50’s  burger restaurant known by all the lovers of the hamburgers in Spain.


These restaurants are expanding fast (like the gunpowder) in the Community of Madrid, but you can find Tommy Mel’s restaurants in many other provinces of the Spanish geography.

The decoration of these places moves us to another age. The chairs, the lights or the uniforms of the waitress and waiters, seem like a vintage burger restaurant of the USA.

In Tommy Mel’s the best dishes are the hamburgers, but you can eat a large variety of dishes like pasta, hot dogs or sanchwiches. In addition, there is an extensive menu of drinks and cocktails, and different milkshakes.


One of the best dishes in the restaurant is The Heartbreak Hotel burger, the biggest burger in the menu. If you enjoy big burgers, you should eat this with double meat, double bacon, double cheese and a fried egg, it is a challenge to the jaw!


For cheese lovers, the Top Cheese is the burger they should choose. It’s the tastiest Tommy Mel’s burger. It’s ingredients are three types of cheese, tomato, lettuce and sauce.

Menu del Día

The service has always been good, without being extraordinary. A strong point of Tommy Mel’s is the decoration,: original and funny. The food is very tasty. The starters (like the cheese bacon fries) are delicious and cheap. The daily menu (which you can eat at lunchtime) is a good option if you can’t spend a lot of money.



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